On this page we will be publishing your impressions from and comments about staying on the Island of Samos and at our apartments.

We would like to hear your positive and/ or negative comments as well any constructive suggestions that you may have about how we can improve our service.

We would like to see your memories on this page forming an informal guide of activities and experiences on the Island of Samos for our future visitors. Importantly, we will take your comments on board to improve the experience that we offer to our guests.

Please read the messages posted below and feel free to email to us your comments at: vakirimeni@gmail.com.

Your comments are much appreciated.

Thank you.

Heinz, Sara and Lis - (October 2009)
Francesco e Anna - (Agosto 2009)
Andrea, Daniela e Nicola - (Agosto 2009)
Barbara Casarei - (Agosto 2008)
Ernesto e Annamaria Tappainer - (Marzo 2009)
Anna e Lorenzo - (Marzo 2009)
Jennifer and Michael - (September 2008)
Margaret and Len Suker - (September 2008)
Alick and Jean Aitken, Scotland - (September 2008)
David Haworth - (September 2008)
Emanuele Trevi & Chiara Gamberale - (Agosto 2008)